Help! I’m Struggling to Lose Weight

Help! I’m Struggling to Lose Weight

More than half the United States population tries to slim down every year, but more than 70% are still overweight or obese. At Nation's Best Family Health Care in Panama, Florida, board-certified family medicine physician Roman Nation, MD, offers individualized weight loss solutions that can help you not only lose weight safely and effectively, but also live a healthier lifestyle. Our medically supervised weight loss plans are tailored to your unique needs. If you’re struggling with your weight, we can help. 

The reality of weight struggles

When you find yourself struggling to lose weight, you may blame yourself, thinking your lack of weight loss success is due to a lack of self-discipline — but what if that isn’t true at all? In reality, permanent weight loss is about more than willpower and counting calories. 

While it is important to cut back on the amount of calories you consume, it can be counterproductive if you slash too many calories and eliminate every tasty treat. When you reduce your calorie intake too low, the body increases production of appetite-stimulating hormones, which can cause you to crave high-calorie foods. 

Beyond that, when you lose weight, the rate at which your body burns energy decreases. This means that even if all other factors remain consistent — like diet and exercise — you'll need to eat less or move more in order to keep the weight off.

Don't give up yet — there are ways we can fight back against this natural tendency by tweaking certain aspects of your diet and exercise regimen to maximize calorie burning and optimize energy levels while you lose weight.

Seeking help slimming down

Losing weight can be difficult, but it is possible. Some people are able to lose weight on their own, but very few are able to keep the pounds off long-term. There’s nothing wrong with getting help, and in fact, people who seek help from a weight loss professional lose more weight and keep it off longer. 

The key here is not just eating less — though this does help with initial results — it's also making changes to your diet and lifestyle that are sustainable and support lasting weight loss.  

Instead of focusing solely on the number on the scale, it’s crucial to shift your focus to adopting an overall healthy lifestyle and habits. 

Changing how you behave, think, and feel about your health, weight, and food is challenging to do on your own. Getting expert guidance and support can be the factor that finally stops the struggle and helps you slim down for good.

Medically supervised weight loss

Medical weight loss has been shown to be more effective than other types of dieting for many people. With this approach, you can rely on our medical professionals to help you manage any medical conditions that may influence your ability to lose weight. 

Our medically supervised weight loss programs provide a comprehensive approach to losing weight by addressing vital factors that influence your weight. Our program includes:

We employ science-based tools and approaches to help you improve your health and manage your weight. If you’re ready to slim down for good, then you’re ready for a medically supervised weight loss plan.

We’re pleased to discuss how we can help you reach your weight loss and health goals. To get started, call our office to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Nation.

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