How We Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss is important for people who are overweight so that they can prevent a number of life-threatening conditions, like heart disease and diabetes. According to a 2018 national survey, most Americans believe that the busy modern lifestyles we live are making it harder for people trying to lose weight to reach their goals. The survey found that 77% of primary care physicians, 81% of pharmacists, and 62% of adults in the US say that losing weight is harder now than it was for previous generations because of a less active, more convenience-driven lifestyle. It also finds that most believe a new weight loss approach is needed to fit in that modern lifestyle. 

This is where Dr Roman Nation, and the experienced team at Nation's Best Family Health Care come in. Residents of the Panama City, Florida area looking for ways to lose weight can use their medically supervised weight loss program to help you safely lose weight and help keep it off.

Why use a medically supervised weight loss program?

The main advantage to a medically supervised program is having a medical team working with you to lose weight safely and help you find ways to keep the weight off. Weight loss is a lifestyle change, and with that change, you have to form new habits and stick with those changes to prevent repeating the mistakes that led to getting overweight in the first place. The diets used in our medically supervised program can be catered to your needs and prevent you from chasing fad diets that might do more harm than good.

What programs are available?

We have over 40 diets available to help you reach your health goals, including:

Ketogenic diet

Commonly known as the keto diet, this program is a low carb, high fat diet that makes it easier for your body to burn fat. This happens by way of a process called ketosis, which happens by reducing the amount of carbohydrates you take in and replacing it with healthy fats. Your body becomes far more effective at fat burning, and it turns fat into ketones (water soluble molecules produced from fatty acids) in your liver, which in normal amounts can supply energy for your brain.

Low carbohydrate diet

As the name indicates, this is a diet low in carbohydrates, which you find in pasta, bread, and foods high in sugar. This diet promotes an increase in vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat, fish, fats and healthy oils to promote weight loss and improve your health.

Low fat diet

This diet is designed to help reduce your caloric intake and improve cholesterol. A balanced low fat diet will have a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals from whole grains, lean meats, white fish, reduced fat dairy, vegetables, lentil and fruit. Some fat in your diet is necessary for building membranes in your cells to keep things like skin and hair healthy, but this diet will help to eliminate excess fat in your eating habits to help with weight loss.

Paleo diet

Based on the idea of imitating the habits of our hunter/gatherer ancestors from the Paleolithic era, the Paleo diet focuses on removing processed foods such as artificial sweeteners, soft drinks, most dairy products, vegetable oils, and trans fats. Your diet would consist mainly of unprocessed meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, tubers, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats and oils.

Your personal regimen will be based on your individual needs and will include an exercise regimen and nutritional supplements as they are needed to maximize your chances of significant, sustainable weight loss.

Weight loss may seem a major challenge, but with our team behind you to get the diet that works and a program to which you can adhere, a healthier lifestyle is possible. If you’re ready to live the life a healthy weight loss plan can bring, make an appointment with Dr. Nation and Nation’s Best Family Health Care today to get healthier.

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