The Benefits of a 4D Ultrasound

The Benefits of a 4D Ultrasound

When a little life is growing inside you or your partner, the world can feel like it’s full of mysteries. Seeing your baby as he or she develops can give you a big measure of peace of mind. 

And thanks to the latest technology, you can get a lot more than the 2D image that traditional ultrasounds offer. With 3D ultrasounds, you can see the shape of your son or daughter. And with 4D ultrasounds, you get a moving image that lets you see them in even clearer detail.

That’s why Dr. Roman Nation and our team at Nation's Best Family Health Care offer 4D ultrasounds at our two offices in Panama City, Florida. As imaging specialists, we can help you see your baby while giving you the safest and most convenient experience possible. 

If you’re considering a 4D ultrasound, you should know about these two significant benefits. 

See your baby the best way possible

Our 4D ultrasound technology creates images using high-frequency sound waves — just like traditional ultrasounds — but continually updates them. So you see what is essentially a video recording of your baby in the womb. 

This way, you can see your baby’s face for the first time and watch them make expressions and move their little limbs. You might even see your baby smile or yawn during the ultrasound. 

After the ultrasound, you get the recording to take home, giving you a keepsake you can treasure. In short, with a 4D ultrasound, you get the best look at your baby that modern medicine can offer and a memento that will last through the years. 

Give doctors a more detailed assessment tool

While a 4D ultrasound can be beneficial for your memory-making, it’s also an extremely effective diagnostic tool for your baby’s health care providers. With this tool, they can assess several important factors, like their breathing and swallowing movements. 4D and 3D ultrasounds also allow doctors to spot certain defects, like a cleft palate, that they can’t identify with 2D ultrasounds. 

In fact, there may be instances when your obstetrician recommends a 4D ultrasound to get a better look at what’s going on inside the womb. When you need this service, you get convenient access to it at both of our Panama City offices. 

40 weeks is a long time to wait. If you’re interested in seeing your baby as they develop in the clearest way possible, talk with our Nation's Best Family Health Care team. To get started, you can call either of our offices or schedule an appointment online today.

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