When Urgent Care Is Necessary

When Urgent Care Is Necessary

We get injuries and illnesses all the time. Whether from minor accidents, cold or flu season or other causes, scrapes, cuts, burns, and viruses are all too common. Often these minor maladies can be managed at home with rest and over-the-counter creams and medications. But what happens when you can’t manage these problems on your own? When is the right time to consider getting urgent care for treatment? Your symptoms and their severity make a difference to determine when this step may be necessary. Let’s look at the reasons you may need urgent care treatment.

Patients in the Panama City Florida area looking for urgent care treatment can be cared for by Dr. Roman Nation and the experienced staff at Nation’s Best Family Health Care. We offer comprehensive family care for a wide variety of conditions, and we specialize in urgent care treatment

What is urgent care?

This is a type of immediate outpatient care available for acute and chronic illnesses or injuries that require attention as soon as possible. Most urgent care facilities are available outside of normal medical office hours, because sadly accidents and other medical issues don’t work on a convenient timetable. 

It’s convenient if your primary care physician isn’t available and prevents long waits in the emergency room, especially since many times, a visit to the ER — if your issue isn’t life-threatening — can result in longer wait times should others have more immediate needs. If further help is needed after seeing an urgent care specialist, you may be transferred to emergency care for surgeries of specific treatments.

When should you get urgent care?

If your condition isn’t life-threatening but still requires medical treatment, urgent care is the best option. Though many minor cuts and scrapes may not need medical attention, you should be careful to look for help if symptoms don’t improve. Urgent care is the best option for problems like:


Colds, flu, earaches, sore throats, migraines, minor rashes, nausea, and low grade fevers are examples of common viruses, infections, and other symptoms for which urgent care is suited when you can’t reach your physician.


Sprains, strains, back pain, minor cuts, burns, minor fractures, and minor broken bones can be managed in an urgent care facility. More severe injuries or any life-threatening injuries should be seen in an emergency room.

Other reasons to seek out emergency care include eye redness or itchiness, painful urination, abdominal pain, and dehydration. Any treatment should be coordinated with your primary care physician or emergency care if necessary as soon as possible for follow-up and further treatment.

What treatments are available?

Common urgent care procedures and treatments for the conditions listed include:

Non life-threatening illnesses and injuries can be treated quickly with urgent care, and our comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services can help give you relief. If you need urgent care, contact Dr. Nation and Nation’s Best Family Health care today to get better fast.

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