Covid Testing


COVID-19 testing is performed on every clinic day except holidays due to lab closure. We are currently only performing the nasal swab PCR testing to evaluate for active infection. Antibody testing will return as staffing and demand allows. The active infection test takes 24 to 72 hours to receive results and you will be contacted by a staff member as soon as they arrive. Please wait until 3 business days have passed from the day of testing before calling the clinic to inquire about the results.

We are attempting to prioritize testing first for healthcare workers, government agencies, known positive case contacts, high risk symptomatic patients, and those who require negative testing for surgery, returning to work, travel or returning asymptomatic children to daycare.

There is no cost to the patient for most major insurance companies, but unfortunately our clinic is not part of Tricare Prime, any HMO plans, or any Medicaid plans. There is a cash pay option for these patients or you may contact the Florida Department of Health for further options.

Once your paperwork is received you will be contacted in the order it was submitted to come to the clinic for testing. DO NOT CALL THE CLINIC TO NOTIFY US YOU HAVE SUBMITTED THE ONLINE PAPERWORK. THIS WILL ONLY DELAY PROCESSING.

Please be patient with us during this outbreak as we are working very hard to accommodate as many patients as possible.

Please look at all options and choose the corresponding paperwork.

Healthcare and Government Workers Paperwork – (Online Fill)

Click Here

Established Patient COVID Testing Paperwork – Use this if you are already a patient (Online Fill)

Click Here

Direct Contact Paperwork – Use this if you are an essential worker and have been in direct contact with a known confirmed positive test result – (Online Fill)

Click Here

Surgery, Travel Clearance or Daycare/College Paperwork – (Online Fill)

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New Patient COVID Testing Paperwork – Use this if you have never been seen as a patient and do not fit any of the above categories (Online Fill)

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New Patient COVID Testing Paperwork – Use this if you have never been seen as a patient and want to print out the paperwork (Print and fill)

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