Laurie - Billing Manager

Laurie Hallemeier isn't exactly a Panama City native, but you wouldn't know it because she's lived in Panama City for over 30 years. Born in Pennsylvania and raised in Tennessee, Laurie had a fruitful career in Human Resources for 20 years. She then decided to switch paths and move into medical billing. Growing successful teams for medical practices is something she loves to do, and fairness in billing is of paramount concern to her. Laurie makes huge efforts to ensure our charges and payments are appropriate for our patients so that you can experience our unique brand of medicine seamlessly as possible.

Alysha - Front Desk

Alysha is a member of the administrative team. She is an enthusiastic employee who loves to cheer patients up with her positive personality! She is passionate about reading, and she also loves to spend time with her three children and husband. She has called many cities her home throughout her life, but she currently resides in Panama City. Alysha loves to spread her joyful outlook on life with both her coworkers and the patients, and she can often be found sporting glitter and "sparkling"!

Theresa - RN

Theresa joined Nation’s Best in 2012 and brought new skills to our practice as a registered nurse. Her path to becoming a registered nurse began in medicine as a front desk receptionist, collecting a degree from University of Florida along the way. She’s worked in many aspects of outpatient clinics and she spent intense years as an ICU nurse at Bay Medical Center. Theresa is on Mr. Deas patient care team but also manages other medical management issues for the clinic. Today she focuses on getting patients well in an outpatient setting and ensuring our medical records are as complete as possible. She also performs blood draws, injections, IV fluids, and other procedures. Theresa is a mom with 2 children and just recently a second time grandmother.

Claudia - LPN

Claudia, like some others at Nation's Best, is a great examples of good things coming in small packages. Being born and raised in Panama City, her heart has never left the local area. As the latest addition to Dr. Nation's team, she doubles the hospitality, efficiency, and expert team Dr. Nation's patients have come to know and love. She's worked as an LPN for over 3 years in care facilities, pediatrics, and rheumatogy before joining the NBFHC team. Her passion is helping people and she is working on obtaining her bachelor's degree.

Trineshia - MA

Trineshia jumped on board the NBFHC team in summer 2012 and has a multi-talented background. She diligently applies her medical training to taking great care of our patients and is pursuing education to become a registered nurse. She has worked in primary care settings most of the time and takes pride in giving “painless” shots in clinic. Trineshia is assigned on Dr. Nation’s team and has helped out with our weight loss patients in educating them about facilities and technology to help them reach their goals. She has to be busy, caring for 4 children ages 9 to 2. Always energetic and eager to listen and learn, Trineshia has become a well-known part of the Nation’s Best family.

Kristina -Ultrasound Tech

Kristi has been working in medicine since she was eighteen years old! She started her medical field journey at Bay Medical Lab and now works as an Ultrasound Tech with us here in Panama City. She is currently a member of Dan’s team. Kristi is known for her perfectly painless blood draws, and she thrives on helping out our patients in any way she can. She especially loves hearing patients’ stories. Speaking of stories, Kristi also comes from a large family and has seven siblings, and she loves nothing more than spending time with her big family!

Krystal - Occupational Health Coordinator

Krystal Young works as our Occupational Health Coordinator here at Nation’s Best. She has brought over ten years worth of expertise to our practice and has proven herself to be an extraordinary member of our team. She excels at communicating, whether it’s with companies, our staff, or our patients, her ability to listen is unparalleled. She is passionate about working in the medical field because it has worked as the perfect outlet for her passion which is helping to bring happiness to others. Krystal has proven to be a champion for every member of the NBFHC team as she is always willing to assist others in any way she can. When she’s not at Nation’s Best, she enjoys spending time with her wonderful children.

Steve - Admin and Data Specialist

Originally from Forthworth, Texas, Steve is now a resident of Panama City. He is an extraordinary member of the NBFHC team. He has obtained over ten years of medical experience, and in this past decade he has helped countless patients get the care that they need. He is always quick to make sure that our team members feel appreciated through his kind actions. Besides being phenomenal at reviewing charts for preventative care, Steve is fantastic at baking. In fact, he was even nicknamed “Pillsbury Doughboy” in his childhood because he was known for his scrumptious baked goods.

Lynn – Transcriptionist

Lynn finally made the switch to the Nation's Best Practice in summer 2015. With a plethora of experience in the medical transcription field, she joined our team to bring our transcription service in house. Change is often hard, and Lynn latched on to what we value most on the Nation's Best Team - Family. With a newfound balance between work and home, Lynn has brought new joy to both our clinic and to her husband Len at home. Quiet, efficient, and always on time, Lynn has given her best to the medical field and we are delighted she's now here. If you get copies of your clinic notes and like how they look, Lynn is the one to thank.

Ryan - IT/Logistics

Ryan joined the Nation's Best Team in 2014 and was instrumental in the preparation and opening of the Panama City Beach Clinic. With a long background in mechanics and technical work, warping the building into a modernized technology hub was not a small task. He's been key to our expansion and focuses largely on the mechanical and technical side, but he also has been a shining example of our nutrition program, losing 15% body fat in 9 months. Ryan hails from Las Vegas, but his "home team" is the New York Giants. Ask Ryan about supplements and proteins and you'll get plenty to chew on.

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